Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Tonight I got to see a friend from home in London, my friend Jenn. When I saw her before we both left for London she said, "We have to see a show together." When I found out she hadn't seen Les Miserables, I KNEW that's what we were going to see. It is after all my favorite musical!

So after trying and failing to make plans, we finally got our stuff together and got tickets for tonight. We also made dinner plans before the show.

First off, couldn't find the restaurant because the map on their website was totally it took us about 30mins to find the place. But once we did we were happy. Great Japanese food there.

Then we headed to the show. We got seats in the upper circle, so pretty high up. Here's a view from where we were....

The seats turned out to be pretty decent. Sure we saw some things over the barricade that we weren't supposed to but so it goes. The show was fantastic as it always is. This was actually one of the better versions I've seen. Topped the revival on Broadway, but not the 25th Anniversary concert. I mean honestly, that one's hard to beat. Still the night was fantastic. The music brings me chills every time and tonight it did not fail.

Basically a fantastic night out in London.

15 days.....

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