Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prague! Day 1

So, after making our way to the airport, Steve, Tom and I got on our flight and headed to Prague!

We landed around 11:30am and it took a little while to get through customs and what not, but we made our way to the bus, which took us to the underground, which brought us to our hostel.

We walked around for a bit before going to the hostel...mainly because we needed to get a map so we could find it faster. Then we checked in, went online for a little, and then headed out to explore. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The buildings, the roads, everything was just amazing. We walked all around back roads looking for lunch, eventually settling on a slice of pizza just because we were that hungry. Then we found our way to the Old Town Square with the famous Astronomical Clock. I remember my parents telling me about it and showing me pictures...but it was even cooler to see it in person. There were tons of vendors in the square, there were musicians playing and was the atmosphere that I imagined. The amount of culture that surrounds this city is just unreal. This isn't a city that has been modernized like so many others...this city has maintained it's european greatness. You want to get lost in the streets. You want to go down every ally and see what buildings are there. Prague is a place that makes you want to explore and lets you have fun doing it.

Since we got up pretty early for our flight, we came back to our room to take naps. After that, we headed out to a great restaurant for dinner. We had seen it earlier in the day and thought that it looked good so why not? The meal was fantastic. Tom and Steve had some seafood and I had steak. It was so flavorful. A great meal in Prague. After that, we walked around a bit more to get some night time pictures and ended up back in the Old Town Square to have some dessert and drinks in the square. Just sitting there, looking out on the square was the perfect way to end the night.

After that we headed back to our room to turn in for the night. Overall, a great first day in Prague. Tomorrow, a little more exploring and then it's off to Vienna!

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