Friday, September 30, 2011

Orientation and Exploring Central London

I'm going to start combining some days when I forget to write or don't have a lot to write about...

So Tuesday. I would start off my Tuesday the same as Monday, with at 9am meeting. This time it was to meet the music department people and hear about how things are run there. We also got the timetables for music classes, however my class is split up into two different sections, so I need to wait and see which section I'm in. After that, I came back to my room and finished unpacking and putting things away. I had a lot of time to kill until my 4pm meeting for the theatre department. Same thing there as the music department. We got the timetables and information about our classes. Tuesday night was the same as any, everyone met up at the local pub and had a good time. 

Wednesday was the first day that I went in to central London on this trip. My friends and I decided we just wanted to walk around by parliament and whatnot so we hopped on the overground to the tube and headed to Westminster. Right as we walk out of the tube station, we see parliament along with big ben (well the tower that has big ben...cause really it's a bell....that you can't can only hear it). That's when it really hit me that I was back in London again. My friends and I ended up walking in to St. James Park which runs alongside the Mall. It was a beautiful day in London and the park was FILLED with people sitting on lounge chairs, feeding the birds and ducks. It was not what you would expect out of typical London weather. Oh yeah, it hasn't rained ONCE since I've been has been SO WARM!

Thursday was another central London exploring day. Thursday a few friends and I went to see the London Aquarium. For all the hype that I've heard about it, it was ok. Don't get me wrong it was a good aquarium, but it felt like we kept seeing the same tank over and over from different levels. Although, I will say, the penguins were particularly cute. 

After that we debated going on the London eye, but decided against it. We wanted to wait. Instead, we decided to go to a pub and grab some dinner. But, not before we walked by Buckingham Palace. My friend Tom has family here in London. His cousin works at the pub we went to and his uncle was there too. We all had a fantastic time. 


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